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  • ENVoY—Preserving relationships while gaining compliance in the classroom. ENVoY, the name given to the system of non-verbal techniques presented in this training, will improve classroom climate, enhance student productivity, and decrease the level of staff burnout.
  • A Cat in the Doghouse: Charisma—Establishing and understanding classroom relationships. Charge up your charisma and leadership. Learn to use your power of influence in your classroom!
  • A Healthy Classroom—Group dynamics in the classroom. By using ENVoY, leading-edge teachers have changed the way we educate children today. A Healthy Classroom, is the next step. This new program takes the science of ENVoY to the art of total classroom management.


  • Charisma-The Art of Relationships—It is not a personality model. It is a behavioral model assisting us in recognizing the patterns of communication between people. Recognizing patterns adds meaning to our perception. Developing both our catness and dogness results in increased charisma. A charismatic leader has a followship of dogs and a fellowship of cats.
  • The Elusive Obvious—Research indicates that 80-90% of all communication is nonverbal. Michael’s delineation of the 21 patterns of what one can do with one’s eyes, voice, body (including gestures and location) and breathing is a major breakthrough. What is amazing is that most of the patterns are cross-culturally accurate.
  • Fundamentals of Group Dynamics, Perception Camp and more…

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