Use More Than Your Words

by Leanne Miller

It’s never easy, yet getting it right is critical to your students’ success, not to mention your sanity.

It’s classroom management.

Thanks to teachers at Toronto’s Jarvis CI for their help illustrating some non-verbal management signs.

“A teacher can’t get his students’ attention and his volume starts to rise. He glares at them and tells them to look at the board. Some do; most don’t. His volume increases again: “Don’t look at me; look at the board.” Some kids squirm; most still look at their teacher…”

To read the rest of Ms. Miller’s article, click here.


1 thought on “Use More Than Your Words”

  1. Technology in the classroom can beeifnt everyone involved it it is used properly. While new teachers are eager to learn and engourage the use of technology older teachers may not see the importance. If teachers are not properly trained, the use of computers will beeifnt no one. Technology needs to be intergrated gradually overtime. Teachers may feel pressured into intergrading technology, and students will suffer. If all teachers were properly trained, and certain material was required by the state to be covered, all students will gain knowledge of computer use as well as using the computer as an educational tool. Posting is a great idea for older students, however elementery students may feel overwhelmed by their class work load and may have a hard time remebering to log on and post comments. Once comments have been posted, children may miss the direct feedback they would recieve from their teacher in the classroom. While some people may feel laptops may be a distraction to the education process, teachers and schools could easily block on-line sites and unwanted chat rooms. People need to discuss the positives of the use of laptops such as learning from other classes, learning from other cultures (around the world), and linking articles outside of the books to class topics. I feel that submitting assignments on line will take away an important part of the communication process. Students will use spell check and almost cheat themselves out of learning through the writing process. Overall, with proper training and materials teachers could enrich education through the use of technology.[]

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