The Lost Art Of Ignoring: Free Email Training For Educators

The Lost Art of Ignoring

A free, 11-week email training dedicated to making teachers’ lives easier.

Education is experiencing a tsunami of veteran teachers resigning while we are doing triage with newbies.

Michael Grinder has created a series of weekly suggestions to help educators have better survival strategies and move back to actual teaching in the post-pandemic classroom.

The weekly tips follow Robert Marzano’s research that classroom success is based on the relationship between the student and the teacher. And not surprisingly, that relationship is best revealed during classroom management.

  • Teach the class to ignore inappropriate behaviors.
  • Establish and preserve relationships.
  • Learn how to intervene — and get back to teaching!

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“A healthy classroom is one where every student, as a person, is accepted, and at the same time, the student is behaviorally held accountable.”
– Michael Grinder

The Father of Nonverbal Communication

The suggestions are taken from our Classroom Management Trilogy:

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