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Michael Grinder

Imagine confidently building and leading a cohesive, healthy group. Or enjoying the warm glow of connecting with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. Or, knowing that you’ve helped improve school attendance and student grades – all while reducing staff burnout rates.

You can understand human interaction on a deeper level, simply by effectively using nonverbal communication cues – eye contact, voice patterns, and body language.

For over 40 years, Michael Grinder has helped people around the world understand the power of nonverbal communication skills. Through Michael’s in-person workshops, training classes, and one-on-one coaching, you’ll discover:

  • Methods of nonverbal communication in business and group dynamics.
  • Nonverbal communication in close and interpersonal relationships.
  • The importance of nonverbal communication in education.

Learning proven nonverbal communication techniques will help you spot situations faster, deliver information more effectively, and influence others through charisma – not power.

How can MGA help you improve your nonverbal communication skills?

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