Nonverbal Communication Expert For Education + Business: Michael Grinder

Nonverbal Communication Expert

Michael Grinder

Imagine confidently building and leading a cohesive, healthy group. Or enjoying the warm glow of connecting with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. Or, knowing that you’ve helped improve school attendance and student grades – all while reducing staff burnout rates.

You can understand human interaction on a deeper level, simply by effectively using nonverbal communication cues – eye contact, voice patterns, and body language.

For over 40 years, Michael Grinder has helped people around the world understand the power of nonverbal communication skills. Through Michael’s in-person workshops, training classes, and one-on-one coaching, you’ll discover:

Methods of nonverbal communication in business and group dynamics.
Nonverbal communication in close and interpersonal relationships.
The importance of nonverbal communication in education.

Learning proven nonverbal communication techniques will help you spot situations faster, deliver information more effectively, and influence others through charisma – not power.

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