A Cat in the Doghouse - Use Nonverbal Communication to Establish Relationships with Students

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A Cat in the Doghouse

How to use nonverbal communication to establish relationships with your students.

The Course

Learn how to create a happier, safer classroom. This course will give you a basic understanding of behavioral styles from high accommodators (i.e., dogs) to low accommodators (i.e., cats). Anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the differences between their personalities.

In Charisma: A Cat in the Doghouse, this animal analogy is applied to people so we understand why “cats”  (low accommodators) are so difficult to work with – and yet their loyalty, once gained, is often greater than a dog’s loyalty would be. This program centers on how a leader forms relationships to operate with influence instead of power.

Before the students care what you know,
they need to know that you care.”
– Michael Grinder

Course Details

Reflect on your own cat and dog tendencies.
Increase your flexibility.
Manage your classroom more effectively and easily.
The manual for this course is A Cat in the Doghouse

Topics of study include

Reflecting on your own cat and dog tendencies
Recognizing cat and dog-ness in others
Increasing one’s flexibility to be genuine with dogs and intrigue the cats.
Managing classroom’s more effectively
Increasing one’s tolerance of the independent nature of the cat
Utilizing the team spirit of the dog.

Expected outcomes

How to get the cats to respect you.
When to use influence and power.
How to feel sane during difficult times.
How to be proactive and reduct being surprises.
How to use CATNIP to draw cat students to you.

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