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About Michael Grinder
& Associates

Established in 1981, Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA) provides training in nonverbal communication, group dynamics, influence skills and permission. Michael works with school districts, businesses, and individuals, and helps them through:

  • public seminars,
  • in-house training sessions,
  • consulting
  • online courses,
  • books and online resources.

Why nonverbal communication training?

The ingredients of a “healthy group” need to be fostered.

In world class organizations, project teams are formed and utilized without the traditional luxury-time for bonding and trust to develop. It’s imperative that successful project managers be adroit at forming groups in an accelerated manner, respectfully manipulating the leaders, barometers and liaisons. Eventually, conflicts arise that need to be addressed with minimum time spent so that the process continues in a timely manner.

This is where MGA can help.

“Experience does not give you wisdom, it gives you habits.”

– Michael Grinder

MGA Mission Statements:

Nonverbal Communication in Business

The corporate world is entering a paradigm shift:

According to Michael, “We are inadvertently in Love with the Influence of Power. And we need to be in Love with the Power of Influence.”

Our mission is to provide the blueprint of how to shift — passive resistance is more powerful than active authority. To do this, we need to reverse the trend of over-training and under-implementing by providing support systems that guarantee increased competencies of communication.

Nonverbal Communication in Education

Implement Michael Grinder’s nonverbal communication work including his models of professional growth. Create a culture of influence via nonverbal communication where relationships between educator and students and among students are fostered.

Reduce time on management and as a result increase time for curriculum.

Increase educator’s repertoire of nonverbal strategies. Operate from influence as often as possible instead of power. Creating educational climates committed to on-going professional development that reverses the trend of over-training and under-implementing.

Meet the MGA team

We currently have an office full of amazing people who support Michael in his nonverbal communication work within the office and when he is out on the road. We enjoy each other and are dedicated to transforming the way people communicate.

Take a peek at the picture on the right to see who makes the office feel like home.

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