Classroom Management Trilogy -- Increase Student Test Scores

Classroom Management Trilogy

Increase test scores. Establish, preserve, and utilize relationships.

Michael Grinder pioneered the advancement of NLP in education and introduced nonverbal communication techniques in the classroom. After over 6,000 classroom visits, Michael distilled his observations and research into the Classroom Management Trilogy – a three-book series offering bite-sized nonverbal strategies for teachers.

The Trilogy is based on the idea that classroom management techniques only work when relationships exist.  The books expand on what Robert Marzano’s research has told us for years – relationships are the key to increasing test scores. 

Thousands of educators worldwide have integrated the Classroom Management Trilogy into their classrooms.  You can purchase the books individually or save over 20% by buying the complete set.

Curious how ENVoY improves classroom management? Check out the academic research on ENVoY.

The Complete Classroom Management Trilogy includes:

  • ENVoY — How to preserve relationships while managing. The four capital letters in the title stand for Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks. Research shows that using these skills will add hours to learning and help students become more self-directed. In addition, it cuts both referrals to the office and requests for special education testing in half.
  • A Cat in the Doghouse How to establish relationships with the hard-to-reach students. A Cat in the Doghouse focuses on transferring the reader’s knowledge of household pets to students. Dog students are cooperative – they come when called. Cat students are independent, wanting to know, “What’s in it for me?” This book shows educators how to motivate all their students and create a happier, safer classroom.
  • A Healthy Classroom How to utilize relationships amongst students. This book is for ambitious educators who have mastered the above concepts and want to learn more about educational group dynamics and build a more cooperative atmosphere. The book contains actionable ways to create safer classrooms, increase student productivity, and show sensitivity to diverse cultures. 

Save over 20% by purchasing the Classroom Trilogy set. Available in paperback or ebook.

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