Harder Days Online Course: Make Hard School Days Easier With Nonverbal Classroom Management Strategies

Harder Days


Did you know you could make your Harder school days easier simply by being more precise with your nonverbals and following proven classroom management strategies? You’ll learn:

  • How to have the freedom to manage less and teach more by noticing inappropriate behavior proactively.
  • Long-term nonverbal communication strategies you can implement on Easy and Average teaching days to make Harder Days easier.
  • How to successfully preserve student relationships – even on Harder days.

Harder Days
How to adjust your nonverbal classroom management strategies.

We manage our classrooms more on Harder classroom management days than on Easy or Average school days. But did you know that being more precise with your nonverbals and following specific strategies can make Harder days easier for new and veteran educators – plus preserve student relationships?

Harder Days, Michael Grinder’s newest 17-lesson course, dives into the Science and Art of nonverbal classroom management.

By the end of the program, you’ll feel more confident knowing:

  • Ways to position your body to notice inappropriate behavior proactively.
  • When to apologize to the classroom – and when doing so would be counterproductive.
  • The concept of “effective amnesia” and why it’s essential during classroom management.
  • Why using the pronoun “I” may cause harm to the student relationship – and the word to use instead.
  • How going visual on Harder management days allows us to help more students.
  • Effective ways teachers can conquer free-floating anxiety and engage in effective self-care.
  • How and where to stand in the classroom to proactively notice inappropriate behaviors.
  • The power of the pause, and when and how to use it in the classroom.

Every lesson includes videos, transcripts, implementation activities, and lesson quizzes.



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