Charisma -- How To Use Nonverbal Communication To Influence Business Relationships


How to use nonverbal communication
to influence business relationships.

Are you wondering about the benefits of nonverbal communication skills in the workplace?

Relationships are the key to leadership, morale and productivity.

Successful, charismatic leaders have a deep understanding of the individual and the group, and know the appropriate strategies to fostering and maintaining relationships. Charisma is most evidenced when strong people willingly follow a leader.

This nonverbal communication course for corporations and businesses is a blueprint for developing charismatic leadership through relationships. We draw parallels to behaviors that are surprisingly similar to those observed in pets – anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the difference between their personalities. Even Dilbert, in his capturing the cubical life, has the evil director labeled “Catbert” and the gentle consultant named “Dogbert.”

This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the differences between being a leader in business and being a charismatic leader.

We provide an in-depth understanding of both leaders and followers, while preparing you to apply what you learn to both your personal and professional worlds.

Course Details

  • This is a 2-5 day course
  • 1/3 presentation, 1/3 demonstration and 1/3 roleplay
  • The manual for this course is Charisma

Topics of study include

  • How to manage difficult personalities.
  • Proven ways to increase the effectiveness of meetings.
  • How to improve your communication style.
  • How to manage disruptive team members, recognize and utilize the leaders, cope with surprises and changes and accelerate team formation.

Expected outcomes

  • How to improve your leadership skills and manage difficult personalities.
  • Ways to increase the energy in a room
  • Learn how to use your hands, your eye contact, and other nonverbal communication techniques to increase your credibility
  • Gain the ability to recognize, label, predict, and respond appropriately to patterns of communication.
  • Deliver your most impactful messages without blinking.

Cats & Dogs – Balancing Relationships

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