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Since over 80% of communication is based on the non-verbal aspects of communication, Michael’s expertise is on how to systematically employ non-verbals of influence to improve communication and understanding of group dynamics.

“A colleague at work asked me how the course was and I told him. All other courses I have been to earlier turn out to be pale in when you compare it to the quality of what Michael delivers. It is like comparing a toolbox from K-mart with a toolbox from NASA…”

—Hans-Peter Eriksson
Affärsområdeschef – Marknad & kommunikation, Sandviken Energi

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About Michael Grinder

Michael Grinder is a master of, and renown expert in, the power of influence — the science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, relationship building skills and presentation skills.

As the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting and to influence others through the systemic use of non-verbal communication, Michael has spent his life working both in the corporate world and within schools. He is dedicated to changing the way many operate from the influence of power, when we really need to use is the power of influence.

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“Like a set of precious Russian nesting dolls, Grinder uncovers layer upon layer of both the content and the skills required to present the content. One can gather up both the baby and an entire family of ‘packaging’ around it. He does this all with a highly compelling, memorable style of delivery and the greatest possible respect for all workshop participants.”

Susan Bruckner, concert pianist

Video Advertisement

When you sponsor Michael Grinder for a training, a complimentary video advertisement of the event will be offered to you. This video will not only encourage participants to sign up, but give them a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills they will receive in the training. Click here to see a few video examples of what Michael has created for other clients. If you would like to request Michael to make a video as part of your sponsorship, please mention this while in contact with us.


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