Group Wizardry: Interactive Group Dynamics Workshop by Michael Grinder

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Group Wizardry

Group dynamics and leadership training

June 20th–24th, 2022

The Course

When you think of the characteristics of a leader, what comes to mind?

  • Someone who gets things done?
  • Someone who understands what others need?
  • Someone who has charisma?

While these are typically true of a leader, the good news is these skills can be quickly and easily learned and practiced in just a few days. It is not the leader’s words that make the impact, it’s the leader’s previous promises kept that conveys confidence …

By understanding group dynamics and presenting your messages with effective skill, people will want you to lead them. “You are your product,” your presence is your leadership abilities.

“Does your nonverbal communication help or hinder your verbal message?
Increase your congruency. Increase your permission. Increase your results.”


The content focus of this course includes the three major areas listed below. Yearly, one of them is emphasized more than the others. This year’s topic of study will be:

Imagine what you could learn in five days about Presentation SkillsGroup Dynamics, and Charismatic Leadership from the world’s foremost expert in nonverbal communication.

Whether you speak to large or small groups, within your workplace or to the public, Michael’s presentation training in specific nonverbal communication skills will give your message that extra pizazz.

Group Wizardry is open to all levels, novice or pro. Accelerate your presentation to the next level.

Course Details



June 20-24, 2022


Monday–Thursday: 9am–4:30pm
Friday: 7am-11am
Optional video recording on Friday morning


No previous experience is necessary. The manual for this course is Group Wizardry by Michael Grinder and will be provided at the training.


  • Cost: $800 (Teachers: $650)
  • Early bird (May 20) discount: $50
  • Last year’s participants: $100 discount
  • $100 discount for attending both Group Wizardry and Perception Camp in the same year (NOTE: Enter coupon code both100 at checkout to get this discount).
  • To get University of Massachusetts Global Credit: $195
  • Optional: Video recording of Michael working with you on the last day is included in your registration cost.


Address: Comfort Suites
12010 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97220

Phone: (800) 216-5927 or (503) 261-9000


Mention Group Wizardry attendance to receive a lodging discount of $145 per night (not including taxes) at Comfort Suites.

4 thoughts on “Group Wizardry by Michael Grinder”

  1. javier huacuja

    does anybody can go to your courses?
    I am not a mgr. just want to increase my level of communication.
    can I go to both courses?


    1. Hi Javier,

      Yes, our courses are open to everyone. Sometimes there are prerequisites to courses, such as Perception Camp, but attending Group Wizardry satisfies it. You may go to both courses. I apologize for the delay in seeing your comment. Please email me directly with any other questions:

      Thank you!

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