Group Wizardry: Group Dynamics Workshop June 20-24, 2022

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Group Wizardry

Group dynamics, leadership, and presentation skills training

June 26-30, 2023

Power up your charisma. Manage groups like a pro.

Imagine how it would feel to comfortably manage group dynamics, transform your presentation skills, and become a confident, charismatic leader?

Now, you can learn from Michael Grinder, the father of nonverbal communication, in an interactive, intimate environment. Whether you speak to large or small groups, within your workplace or the public, Michael can show you how to read the room, anticipate situations before they happen — and make a bigger impact with your presentations.

Plus, you can easily learn and practice these skills in just a few days!

This program is eligible for three semester graduate credits from Brandman University

“Does your nonverbal communication help or hinder your verbal message?
Increase your congruency. Increase your permission. Increase your results.”


The content focus of this course includes the three major areas listed below. Yearly, one of them is emphasized more than the others. This year’s topic of study will be:

Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers,
  • Presenters,
  • Trainers,
  • Facilitators,
  • Consultants,
  • Managers,
  • Supervisors,
  • Group and team leaders.

Enrollment is limited to 45 participants.

What does the training include?

You’ll walk away with vital skills to help you run meetings more smoothly, train colleagues with more impact, present more powerfully, and facilitate more effectively. For instance, you’ll learn:

  • How to predict situations before they happen and reduce surprises,
  • How to determine If a group is formed or unformed,
  • How to sit, stand, and gesture so your nonverbals are consistent with your message.
  • The difference between storytelling and story-sharing, and how to choose which to use.
  • The difference between in-house and public speaking styles,
  • How to successfully have difficult conversations.

The training includes four days of interactive work. On day five, you’ll have the opportunity to practice individual presentations before small peer groups. Michael will provide non-judgmental feedback. You will receive a digital video of your group’s presentations and Michael’s feedback.

Group Wizardry is open to all levels, novice or pro. Accelerate your presentation skills to the next level — sign up today.

Course Details

  • Cost: $800
  • Returning 2019 Participant Cost: $700
  • Teacher/Student Cost: $650
  • Early bird discount: $50 off until May 20, 2022 for all
  • $100 discount for attending both Group Wizardry and Perception Camp in the same year (NOTE: Enter coupon code both100 at checkout to get this discount).

4 thoughts on “Group Wizardry by Michael Grinder”

  1. javier huacuja

    does anybody can go to your courses?
    I am not a mgr. just want to increase my level of communication.
    can I go to both courses?


    1. Hi Javier,

      Yes, our courses are open to everyone. Sometimes there are prerequisites to courses, such as Perception Camp, but attending Group Wizardry satisfies it. You may go to both courses. I apologize for the delay in seeing your comment. Please email me directly with any other questions:

      Thank you!

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