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A Healthy Classroom

Teaching Healthy Classroom Management

The Course

The relationships between the teacher and students and the students amongst themselves are critical for a positive learning atmosphere.

This course focuses on utilizing group dynamics for such an atmosphere; this program is preventive management. The program will shift how you mentally think about your classroom. The non-verbal communication skills offered in this training will positively influence the group dynamics of the classroom, shifting the teacher away from discipline to positive classroom management.

Learn the techniques and gain insight into what it takes to make a healthy classroom. This course combines theory with implementation of the science of classroom management.

It is designed to help understand the hardest management situations the teacher faces — when the teacher has to grapple with both the individual and the class at the same time. The training tackles classroom group dynamic situations with insight and practical axioms.

Become far more perceptive about individuals and group effectiveness, and use this knowledge to assist people to make better decisions.

Before the students care what you know,
they need to know that you care.”
– Michael Grinder

Course Details

  • This is a 5 day course
  • A combination of lecture-style instruction and structured review of participants’ videos. Small groups work together to study videos* using a series of questions provided by Michael, after he leads the group through a review session. When ready, teams will present footage to the whole group as a series.
  • The manual for this course is A Healthy Classroom.

Topics of study include

  • Reflecting on your own cat and dog tendencies
  • Recognizing cat and dog-ness in others
  • Increasing one’s flexibility to be genuine with dogs and intrigue the cats.
  • Managing classrooms more effectively
  • Increasing one’s tolerance of the independent nature of the cat
  • Utilizing the team spirit of the dog.

Expected outcomes

The average educator is a settler; she only sees what she can describe. The pioneer invents words to describe what she sees. The clearest evidence of your increased perception is the expansion of your vocabulary. While this training is not for the faint of heart, the benefits are enormous.

  • Walk away knowing when you are hallucinating.
  • Break free from the knee-jerk reactions.
  • Know when you can and cannot trust your instincts.
  • Learn what is effective and ineffective communication.
  • Reduce surprises in life because you recognize patterns before they unfold
  • Know ahead of time what is likely to happen in a group setting.
  • Get instant feedback and coaching from world expert Michael Grinder.
  • Develop the refinements of timing and permission that are critical to taking your work in non-verbal communication to the expert level.

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