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The Importance of Nonverbal Communication for Personal Development

Want to know how to improve your nonverbal communication skills?

Now, it’s time to take your nonverbal skills to the next level – and discover how to connect with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones on a deeper level.

Michael Grinder and Associates, led by nonverbal communication expert Michael Grinder, offers in-person workshops, videos, and books designed to help you in your personal development journey. 

Here’s how you can build your nonverbal communication skills today:

Imagine what you could learn in five days about presentation skills, group dynamics, and charismatic leadership from the world’s foremost expert in non-verbal communication. Learn more about Michael’s five-day Group Wizardry training.

Learn the nonverbal communication skills Michael teaches leaders around the world. During this five-day event, Michael dives deep into human interaction and trains you step-by-step in his Process of Perception. Learn more about Perception Camp.

Reconnect and recharge with your partner during this unforgettable three-day event. You’ll learn how to successfully manage conflict, deepen your friendship, and improve your intimacy. Learn more about Michael’s Couples Workshop.

Are you looking for home-study options? Check out our selection of books, audiotapes and DVDs.

How can MGA help you today? Contact us with your questions.

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