We know that you’re busy and life seems to fly by leaving little to no time for your own professional development and growth. That’s why we’ve created several audio podcasts allowing you to reinforce learning. So as you’re commuting to work, washing the dishes or out for a run, take time for your own professional development.

The links below will connect you with podcasts and audio from seminars and interviews that Michael and his Associates have given.

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Michael Grinder Podcast – as featured on iTunes

Michael’s Podcasts

Michael Grinder: Non-verbal Communication — Two-Point vs 3-Point Communication (Voice brought to you by Angi Broom)

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice does.”

There are two basic styles in non-verbal communication. Two-point communication is when two people are involved, usually making eye contact. Three-point communication involves 3 entities, usually 2 people and a piece of paper. How do we determine when to and when not to make eye contact and which style of communication is best? In this podcast, we explore which style to use in both positive and negative situations and how to preserve the relationship between the speaker and the listener. (Click here to download.)

Michael Grinder: Nonverbal Communication–The Elusive Obvious with host Ilene Dillon

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Michael Grinder: The Benefits of a Professional Speaker Volunteering with host Rene Godfrey

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Michael Grinder: Charisma with Full Power Living host Irene Dillon
Michael Grinder, author of “Charisma,” shares the secrets of developing relationship mastery by knowing and understanding the people you interact with and want to influence, so you know which behaviors to display in order to influence most effectively. Grinder appeared Live on Thursday, June 9, 2011 on Internet radio’s Full Power Living.
Whether you are in business, an employee, a parent, a colleague or a neighbor, understanding what others want and need from us gives a stable guide for moving smoothly through our days. Michael Grinder has learned the secrets of leading in such a way that we operate with influence rather than power. And he uses cats and dogs as models! Whatever your goals for leading, you’ll have an easier time of building team spirit, allowing independence, remaining flexible and yet also being in charge when you operate with “Charisma.”

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Michael Grinder: Observations from Michael’s trip to Brazil

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Michael Grinder: Gary Phillips and Michael Grinder discuss their new books on Corporate Leadership

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Michael Grinder: Michael Grinder and Sharon Sayler on Michael’s latest book

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Michael Grinder: Non-verbal cross cultural observations

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Associate’s Podcasts

Pamela C Spahr, Michael Grinder, and Krista Grinder-Detloff

A look into how Michael’s non-verbal communication supports Pamela’s discoveries found in her book Caregiver’s Survival Toolkit: Go from Surviving to Thriving.

If you’d like to check out Pamela’s book, you can find it at Amazon here or Barnes & Noble here.

Listen to/download the Podcast here

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