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You’ve experienced the power of ENVoY and how you’ve improved relationships with your students while decreasing disciplinary issues.

You’ve seen how ENVoY works across all socioeconomic levels and is culturally sensitive.

And you’ve felt the freedom of spending less time managing the classroom – and more time being present and teaching your students.

Imagine a professional development series that helps you pull back the curtain and learn precisely why those techniques worked—plus, share your ENVoY knowledge with other teachers.

Elevate your professional growth with MGA’s ETOP

The ENVoY Trainers Online Program (ETOP) trains in-district educators, ensuring districts have a classroom management program based on relationships and trauma-informed designs. Learning the ENVoY strategies refines your knowledge, allowing you to mentor other teachers and share your knowledge.

Developed over 15 years ago by Michael Grinder, affectionately called “America’s educator of educators” – and tested in school districts across the country, ENVoY (Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks):

  • Slices office referrals in half,
  • Reduces the request for Special Education testing, 
  • Reduces student anxiety,
  • Provides at least two additional hours a week for teaching and learning, increasing teacher retention and satisfaction,
  • Creates a framework where Social-Emotional Learning is the norm – not the exception.

Click here to review the latest ENVoY classroom management research.

The ENVoY Trainers Online Program includes:

  • A series of twelve professional development lessons, available 24/7
  • Videos and transcripts
  • Lesson quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Implementation activities

Watch a sample video below.

About the instructor, Michael Grinder

Michael Grinder has over 40 years of experience training thousands of educators worldwide. Known as the pioneer of nonverbal communication. Michael is the National Director of NLP for Education and has been Teacher of the Year at three schools in California, Washington, and Oregon. His ENVoY teachings have transformed classroom management, helping teachers harness the power of influence and have more time to teach.

We are in love with the influence of power.
We need to be in love with the power of influence.
ENVoY p. 2

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Frequently asked questions about the ETOP training:

> Who is the ETOP training for?

ETOP is for seasoned candidates who:

-Have been teaching for over three years

-Have been in your current district for three years and plan to stay longer.

-Have some experience in adult education.

-Want to offer ENVoY (and the components of ENVoY) inside your school district and as part of your job description.

> How do I enroll in the ETOP training?

You’ll need to fill out an application and an endorsement letter from your school district.

> How much does the training cost?

The introductory price for in-district educators is $499.

> Who pays for the ETOP training?

Chances are, your school district will pay for you to go through the training. If your district is reimbursing your purchase, we’ll provide any receipts you need. 

> Do I have to be employed by a school district to teach ENVoY?

Yes, you will need to be employed and endorsed by a school district.

> What’s required to pass the training?
  1. Passing the Lesson 1-8 Accumulative Quizzes in two tries or less, with a minimum score of 80 percent.
  2. Agree to provide a softcover copy of ENVoY after one meeting to anyone you train, coach, or consult with using ENVoY principles.
> Are there any annual requirements to maintain the certification?
  1. A yearly report of activities: how many training sessions were held and a copy of ENVoY training evaluations with tabulation of results.
  2. Renewal of the agreement and confirmation that the trainer still works in the same school district.

ETOP certification is renewed on an annual basis.

> Is there anything else I’ll need to purchase for the ENVoY teacher training?

All ETOP-approved students must purchase a softcover copy of ENVoY and The Elusive Obvious.

E-books and district-owned books can’t be used for the training.

> Can I take the ENVoY training with me if I change districts?

Yes! You can transfer your ability to present ENVoY in your new school district if the new school district agrees to the conditions stated in the ENVoY Trainers Online Program Agreement. 

> Do I receive additional compensation as an ENVoY trainer?

No additional salary is involved or promised. If your district wants to pay you above and beyond your regular pay to train ENVoY – contact MGA (360) 687-3238 to discuss the details.

> How can I apply?

Two application forms must be completed before authorization and payment can be made: one for the teacher and the other for the school district.

If the teacher initiates the application, they are responsible for (1) filling out their application (2) sending the school district application to the appropriate party. The teacher must also provide an endorsement letter from their school district.

If the school district initiates the application, the district must (1) fill out the application (2) send the teacher application to the educator.

Only $499. Apply today.

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