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Commanding the Stage with the BARGOSA Method Digital Video


What separates the great speaker from the dynamic, mesmerizing speaker? It’s how they command the stage…when you command the “stage”, you command the room.

Guide your audience on an exceptional journey with Michel Grinder’s BARGOSA Method. In this advanced speaker series video Commanding The Stage, you will learn the little-known innovative techniques that look and work like magic direct from the “master magician of the stage.”

Michael Grinder’s BARGOSA Method shares the seven unique options you have to non-verbally guide your audience to not only hear and see your message – but feel it, too. You’ve mastered the art of inspiration when your audience really feels it! 

This 40-minute digital video will guide your learning on how you can become the speaking super-star you were meant to be, including: 

  • Brilliant speaking advice 
  • Techniques and tools on mesmerizing your audience
  • Non-verbally script and structure your presentation
  • Easily create your most powerful presentation yet


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