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ebook – Hostile Parent Conference – Avoiding a Cat Fight


Step-by-step solutions for teachers on how to avoid a hostile parent conference.

Most teachers dread parent-teacher conferences. Michael Grinder, affectionately dubbed “America’s Educator of Educators,” has created this short step-by-step ebook that prepares teachers and gives them confidence before, during and after conferences. The verbal and non-verbal directions learned in this book will show how to turn difficult conversations into transformational communication, and what to do when confronted by hostile parent(s) during conferences.

Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight unravels the complexity of difficult conversations and reveals how to transform them into solution-oriented successes. The materials presented in this ebook have been developed and used for decades by Michael Grinder and a legion of educators, administrators, and business leaders. This timely resource is written directly for teachers and administrators who (all too often) are on the firing line of hostile parent conferences and difficult conversations about student behavior(s). By using The Hostile Parent Conference’s step-by-step solutions in even the toughest of situations, you will see a dramatic shift in conversations that will bring about greater understanding and continued cooperation – all in the best interest of the student.

A personal note from Michael Grinder:

This is my opportunity to provide an understanding that I wish I had had when I was first teaching. Heck, I could have used this wisdom even in my fifteenth year. What is that understanding? An understanding of conferences in general and, in particular, a difficult parent conference. And, most importantly, an understanding that we can be outstanding teachers regardless of the level of success we achieve in a given conference.

–Michael Grinder


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