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Surviving Your Teen’s Adolescence


Surviving Your Teen’s Adolescence – how do you do it? This book helps you steady yourself so you can guide your teen safely through their own turbulence.

Surviving your teen’s “adolescence” – how do you do it? For you to raise a teen who is confident and resilient, YOU have to have certain skills. These skills can be understood through a metaphor that uses Cats and Dogs.

Your preteen is a Dog, mostly compliant and grateful. Adolescence, however, transforms your child into a self-absorbed Cat. This book is a GPS of surviving your teen’s adolescence. Simply, this is a manual on how to breathe. Just like on an airplane, you have to take care of yourself to successfully support your teen. With the knowledge you gain from this book, you will be able to steady yourself so that you can guide your teen safely through their own turbulence.

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