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I truly learned a lot

Dear Michael,

In short, the amount of positive feedback I have received in months past from individuals in professional and private contexts on how ‘clear’ my communication with them has been is staggering. This has been the case in 1-to-1 communication, as well as when giving presentations to groups of varying sizes.

I truly learned a lot in the Group Dynamics course, particularly from observing and listening to you, but also from the practical, pedagogical approach applied and the ongoing exercises with other participants. I am very grateful for this privilege. In many ways this training has been an eye-opener and, applied with principles of NLP, really makes for powerful and influential communication that I am enjoying tremendously.

Being somewhat of a skeptic, I recall well my erstwhile doubts when you made clear during the 1st module that mastering this art would take years. I only now am beginning to understand this better and have come to see it as a life-long personal improvement objective. Frankly, I wish I had gotten this training much earlier in my career and realize how much John Bailey has been unaware of in years past and how much more aware he can become going forward.

What I found particularly valuable was the vocabulary and methodologies that you taught us to recognize and label group dynamic and, specifically, non-verbal processes and thereby making these more transparent, easier to identify and communicate and, thus, more meaningful.

Looking forward tremendously to taking this learning journey to the next level.

Best regards and speak soon.”

– John Bailey

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