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On the cutting edge

I am a graduate of Michael Grinder’s Group Dynamics Certificate Program. I completed the course two years ago and have used the skills extensively in my position, Director of Academic Affairs, Idaho Campus of the University of Phoenix. I work with over 600 students and 100 practitioner faculty. I teach graduate and undergraduate adult students and train master level and doctorate level faculty. I have used the word “skills” above because that is what one gains from Michael’s program. His experiential teaching methodology and technical support through video recall, monthly assignments via the internet which he reviews and provides personal feedback on, repetition of core concepts, and sequential learning; provide a multi modality learning opportunity that truly has the capability of transforming attendees into skilled practitioners. I have successfully applied the skills I came away with on a daily basis, not only in teaching and training, but in supervisory and peer level interactions.

What Michael has to offer is not available anywhere else. It is truly unique and on the cutting edge in the domains of human performance and group interaction. I highly recommend his course for anyone looking to take their abilities to the next level.”

– Bill Bach, Ph.D.

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