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Rigor and commitment to excellence

Life is amazing. Our DNA is made up of only 4 basic building blocks that together work with 20 proteins create the uniqueness of life. Michael Grinder has with his work with non-verbal communication, learning styles and group dynamics contributed as richly to understanding the art and science of communication as Watsom and Crick did to the discovery of the code structure of DNA. His decoding of the pentimento dynamics of non-verbal communication and group dynamics is ground breaking.

My first study with Michael began in 1993 and I have taken many courses since. If anyone ever asks me where to go to study the REAL foundation of group dynamics I never hesitate to firmly state ‘Michael Grinder is the ONLY one in the world to study group dynamics with.’

Be mindful is my only warning. The rigor and commitment to excellence you will experience in Michael Grinder’s work is second to none and the program will either take you to your own mastery or you will retreat back into mediocrity. Michael Grinder is like a true Zen master when it comes to presentation skills, group dynamics and creating environments where your students or those you are leading will be transformed by your skill as a communicator and group leader.

Learning this work is something you can never forget and it will infuse every ounce of your communication excellence. It has mine. The discovery of DNA has enabled us to unravel some of the deepest mysteries of life. Working with Michael you will learn and understand the deepest mysteries of communication and groups. I promise!”

– Robert Knowlton, Business Coach and Seminar Leader

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