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Here’s How to Cope With a Spooky 2020

Do you feel like 2020 is chock-full of tricks –but finding treats is harder than ever?

In this video, Michael Grinder, the pioneer of nonverbal communication, shares how the “year of COVID” means we need to pay even closer attention to how we treat others — and ourselves.

Watch the video or read the modified transcript below:

Modified Transcript

Michael Grinder here — I want to talk about what I thought in January and what I’m thinking now in 2020.

In January, because we have one of the members of our family tree is Chinese, we’re used to having the year of the pig or the ox or something. One of my smart-aleck-grandsons, because it was 2020, he said, “Is this the year of the optometrist, 2020?” Okay, it’s funny, okay.

And then we got into the year — and all of a sudden we got our marching orders. Our marching orders were: we got something out there that we have to be really careful of. I just wish you the very best.

But I want to add some longevity to what we’re doing.

We really do have a spooky, spooky year and it’s that season where we’re trying to figure out what to do.

Well, folks, you gotta take care of yourself and take care of other people.

You can’t just take care of yourself. You can’t just take care of other people. It’s both.

So make sure you have a support system, make sure you know people you can turn to, make sure you can be respectful and they know what to do in terms of respecting you.

So my wife came up with this that I just thought it was so cute. And it says the trick, “The trick is to find moments where you can treat yourself with moments of joy.” And then she added, “and of course, chocolate always helps.”

So it’s the year of the COVID. I’ve gained my weight. You know when I go on vacation, I always interpret when I come back and I’ve gained five pounds, this is my memory, my trophy of how well I ate and drank while I was out on vacation. This is gonna be different. And at some point, I got to go, come on, watch the weight, watch the weight.

Find someone that you can support. Find people that support you. Stick together.

Michael Grinder here. It’s spooky. Treat yourself.

From the series Coping with COVID: How to use nonverbal to manage stress, worry less, and make working-from-home easier.

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