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Imagine your child having fun while they learn – even during distance learning – without the crying, screaming, and “I don’t want to” shouts.

School is like a private club for visual-oriented students who can see content in their mind’s eye. However, auditory and kinesthetic learners don’t have the same “access” – and traditional methods of learning don’t work as well.

You can, just by understanding your child’s learning style.

Now, you can learn how to expand the private club membership so your child can enjoy academic success, enjoy learning and have fun!

In this 7-part, work-at-your-own-pace training series, you can:

  • Reduce the crying and screaming by helping your child learn the right way for them.
  • Learn proven ways you can make learning fun for your child!
  • Understand if their child is an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner.
  • Develop strategies for creating a “school” and a “home” environment for your children – and why to keep the two environments separate.
  • Discover how to take the stress out of home schooling.
  • Master the easy tricks of making information stick.

You’ll also receive the Learning Styles Bundle for FREE:

Complimentary ebook

A copy of the Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt ebook, by Michael Grinder
(retail value – $9.95)

Nonverbal visuals

Learning Styles visuals you can use in the home classroom
(retail value – $9.95)


Three Learning Styles Modalities and Behavioral Indicators workbook
(retail value — $12.95)


“The Learning Styles course was tremendously helpful, both personally and as an educator!  I learned more about myself and how I’m wired, and also gained incredible insight into how my students learn.  The course helped me understand the traits of each style, as well as tools and strategies to help increase the learning capacity of each learner in my classes.  It also gave me ideas for how to be a more well-rounded educator and incorporate the needs of more learning styles as I plan my lessons.  I’m now equipped to meet my students’ needs even more effectively.”
Michelle Peterson, Gr. 4 ELA Teacher, Mississippi Elementary

Michael Grinder

Michael Grinder is a world-renowned educator and the National Director of NLP in education. He’s written over 20 books on group dynamics, nonverbal communication and education, including Surviving Your Teen’s Adolescence.

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