Nonverbal Communication In Education And Classroom Management

Nonverbal Communication
in Education

Learn practical classroom strategies that are easy to implement

Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA) provides training for teachers, administrators, and school districts in the arena of nonverbal communication, group dynamics, influence skills, and much more.

All of our educational programs offer practical strategies that are easy to learn and quick to employ.

What is nonverbal communication? Learn more about what it is and why it’s important.

What’s the importance of nonverbal communication in education and classroom management?

Research shows that over 80% of communication is non-verbal. MGA offers online and offline courses focusing on how to systematically and effectively use eye contact, voice patterns and body language.

This establishes an educational environment that nourishes positive relationships, which leads to increased student achievement.

The skills offered in our trainings positively influence the single most powerful leverage point in education: the teacher-student relationship.

Expected outcomes include fewer disciplinary incidents, improved student attendance, higher student grades, higher staff morale, and a lower level of staff burn-out.

Teachers who utilize the full range of nonverbal management skills are able to reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving their relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds.

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