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Righting The Educational Conveyor Belt


This is Michael’s ground-breaking work on educational teaching patterns. By coaching over 100 teachers a month in their classrooms (over 5000 in all!) Michael elicited patterns of excellent teaching and explained them in practical terms.

What is it about?

NLP in education. This book applies the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the classroom.

Learning Styles. It gives ways to identify students’ learning styles (for example, visual-auditory-kinesthetic) and tells how to adjust instructional styles to reach more students.

Teacher energy. It gives step-by-step methods for helping teachers maintain their energy during challenging days such as just before holidays, drastic weather changes, picture day.

Long term memory. The steps and ingredients to increase both test scores and long term memory.

Importance of visualization. Visualization is the most important ability a student can have for tests from the 5th grade on.


  • The strategies effective students use
  • External signs of students who are visualizing
  • How to change and store information into the visual form that is used on tests.

Who is Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt written for?

  • Teachers at all levels. The book is useful whether you are teaching 3-year-olds or adults. Especially helpful for reaching students who are at risk for dropping off the “educational conveyor belt.”
  • Parents. The implications of the Learning Styles information can help all parents, especially when their children’s learning styles do not match their own.
  • Teachers and parents of “kids at risk.”
  • Non-verbal methods work best. The book offers non-verbals tips for dealing with at-risk students, such as anchoring with metaphors, and much more. The book will be invaluable to any parent who has wondered, “Where did this child come from?!”

More about Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt:

  • Based on research. This is Michael’s ground-breaking work on educational teaching patterns.
  • Patterns of excellence. By coaching over 100 teachers a month in their classrooms (over 5,000 in all!), Michael has elicited patterns of excellent teaching and explained them in practical terms.
  • Immediate usefulness. The patterns can be used immediately in both regular and Special Education classes on all levels.
  • Compatible with other educational models. The micro level strategies of this book dovetail with and support other models of learning such as multiple intelligences, hemispherology (right brain/left brain), etc.
  • Worldwide acceptance. Translated into several languages, with work in progress on further translations

What people are saying about Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt:

Linda Lloyd, author of Classroom Magic
“Michael Grinder’s book is that rare book written by a teacher who understands the real challenges and problems of teachers. He offers practical suggestions you can use tomorrow to be a better teacher and have a better day in the process. Excellent for educators at all levels, particularly those who are trying to reach those hard to reach students.”

John Grinder, co-founder of NeuroLinguistic Programming
“Well done, brother Michael… I offer what I take to be one of the finest compliments a teacher can receive; in reading this book, I learned things I hadn’t known about before.”

Allan Parker, Management and Education Consultant, co-author of Switch On Your Brain
In describing Michael’s work… his skills, knowledge, and understanding of the learning process and, indeed, the learner, are profound.”

Lee Burkholder, Special Education Teacher, Washington
“Reading Michael’s book sent me back to the classroom, an elementary special education resource room, with new excitement and enthusiasm.”

Jane McDonald, Program Coordinator, American Association of School Administrators
“Michael Grinder’s NLP approach to staff development is a breath of fresh air on the national educational scene.”

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