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Stories Out Loud – “Silence Speaks”

Our friend Peter Dhu over at Corporate Communication Experts shares his journey from being an elective mute to coaching others on communication and public speaking.

Be inspired. I know we were.

“For much of his life, Peter chose to be silent. It could take him one minute to say one word. Peter developed a deep fear of speaking.

This story touches the heart of fear and why sometimes, humans stop before they have even begun. This is your chance to hear Peter Dhu speak, and what he has to say, is truly powerful.”

2 thoughts on “Stories Out Loud – “Silence Speaks””

  1. Thank you for shoring the video of journey as a person who stutters. From elective mute to public speaking trainer and coach. Much of current confidence and success as a speaker trainer comes from learning from Michael. He has shown me how to be confident credible and engaging through my non-verbal communication and body language. Thanks Michael I am in your debt. Peter Dhu

    1. Alicia Williams

      Peter, we sure do appreciate your comments on how influential Michael has been on your journey. He is fueled by empowering others to use non-verbal communication, and your story is a beautiful picture of that. Thank you for sharing, you are an inspiration to many!

      MGA Staff Member

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