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You’re seriously impressive

Hi Michael,

Hope you are well. I just wanted to share my story with you – it still astonishes and amuses me but I think its fantastic too and is obviously great feedback on the quality of your training, research and materials.

After the course, I decided to have a go at running a little ‘lunch and learn’ session about some of the non-verbal techniques. I offered it to some people I knew well; they came along, I got some feedback, refined it and offered it again. That was in April. Since then I have done two sessions a month – I do not advertise, nor send out details to my distribution lists – the sessions are filled purely by attendees going back and recommending them to their colleagues. Occasionally I have cancellations but always fill them with help from previous attendees. I have them booked up until September.

They have a life of their own, everyone loves them and the funniest thing – this isn’t part of my job, I just decided to do it off my own back but they have ended up being one of the best networking things ever – I have met loads of new people!

They are small (7 people) and very informal and friendly. Very interactive and we have discussions, share stories, and have a great experience. I have every level of person in the room right from the top – Group Vice President and have wonderful stories from people who have used it. My favourite was someone who got a pay rise from going 3rd point. I get everyone in the room to have a go and then get them to feed back to each other (rather than me doing it). It works so well – and attendees love that they meet new people at the same time. I always make sure I have a mix of cats and dogs – so that the cats learn that not everyone is like them and the dogs all look at me with such relief – its very sweet.

Always tell them about you and share some of your stories and scare them by telling them you have taught yourself to not blink for 40 mins. As soon as I do that, they immediately know you’re seriously impressive and buy-in to everything:-)

Its is only since doing them that I realised how essential all of the practice was on the course as I can now give very good demos. Also had the ultimate validation from someone at a workshop last week – I was explaining afterwards about non-verbals and he said “Ah, that makes sense. In the workshop I noticed that when you speak everyone listens and the room goes silent. Now I know why”

Anyway, wanted to say thank you and let you know there are some much better communicators in BP because of you! Just a few examples of feedback enclosed (though obviously only dogs write and say thank you afterwards – the cats just go off and do it!)


– Judith Parker, Change, Communications & Engagement Manager – Business Services Transformation Project, BP

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