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A unique set of tools

In addition to being a uniquely effective communication coach, Michael Grinder is also one of the most caring and supportive people we know. An incredibly skilled facilitator, Michael captures the attention and participation of everyone in his audiences. He delivers a unique set of tools that every participant can easily utilize to be more effective in their personal and working lives. Michael models everything he teaches and his delivery is often humorous and always relevant.

Michael has trained our SuperCamp facilitators since our first exposure to his unique skills and he is the only outside trainer we have brought in consistently over the last decade. We witness again and again the positive effect he has on our staff as he immediately creates a connection and gains their respect.

Michael offers seemingly subtle but exceedingly powerful facilitation and communication skills and insight into the undeniable impact of non-verbal communication. When participants leave his sessions, they are motivated, inspired, and excited!

We greatly value Michael’s friendship and appreciate his contribution to the growth of Quantum Learning Network.”

– Bobbi DePorter & Joe Chapon, President & VP

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