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You’ve given me such confidence

I just wanted to let you know how amazingly useful I’ve found the Group Mastery training.  I’ve spent most of the last year managing a really complex cultural and organisational change programme.

The skills I learnt from you have been sooo useful and a real contributor to the successes I’ve had over the year.  It’s been so easy to spot my champions, manage the trouble makers, work out who the cats and dogs are.  When I give presentations, I can predict the effect when I use your tools and techniques.

I’ve managed to get all my key stakeholders on board and I would never have even attempted this job if I hadn’t had the benefit of your amazing training, Michael.  You’ve given me such confidence and you’ve taught me to BREATHE!

Thank you so much.  You’ve had a transformational effect on me.”

– Maria Higgs, Surrey County Council in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK

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