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Why Your Character Is More Important Than Charisma

Sure, a charismatic person may grab your attention. But, is it the most important thing over time? No.

In this short video, Michael Grinder, the pioneer of nonverbal communication, discusses how and why a person’s character supersedes their charisma.

Read the modified transcript to “Why Your Character Is More Important Than Charisma” below:

This is number seven in terms of talking about how to become charismatic.

We’ve talked a lot about nonverbals, what you do with your face, your voice, your body and your breathing.

But folks, let me tell you something. That’s often what happens in the moment.

Over time, it’s your character.

Character actually supersedes charisma.

Do you keep your promises? Do you make sure when you interact with someone else, it’s for the benefit of both? Do you make sure that you’re true to your word and true to your values?

Character absolutely supersedes charisma.

If you’re raising yourself, character over charisma.

Michael Grinder here. Thank you for letting me share with you.

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