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Wondering About the Online Couples Workshop

Want to feel closer to your sweetie and deepen your friendship? Here’s Michael chatting about the upcoming online Couples Workshop, starting March 6, 2021.

Wondering about the Online Couples Workshop?

Read the modified transcript below:

John Gottman, the leading researcher in terms of how long couples stay together, says that 69% of all chronic problems aren’t solvable.

And it doesn’t matter.


It’s because friendship is more important than conflict resolution.

And my goodness, after 45 years with Gail, my partner, I finally understand that.

It doesn’t matter whether you have things that irritate each other. If you have enough deposits in your friendship bank, that’s what makes a difference.

Can you look over at each other and say, when lately have I shown affection and admiration?

When have I absolutely said, “how’s your day going?” Not just generalized, but very specific. “How’s your day going? Because you had an important phone call today.”

How do you get that friendship bank really built up? Because when you do, everything else seems minor when there are conflicts.

We’re offering a live virtual couples communication workshop

The workshop is going to be the four Saturdays in March. It will be live, and we’ll record the sessions. If you’re unable to join us, and you want to pick up what you missed, or you did join us and you want to look at it again, it’ll be there for you.

You can submit questions to me ahead of time. Weekly, we’ll entertain them, and answer those that we can.

The workshop is being offered at per couple, not per person, per couple.

The early bird special $269 per couple.

Day of registration $299.

Gonna see you in March with your virtual partner, starting on the sixth of March.

Enjoy. See you then.

Thanks for reading! For more information about the live virtual Couples Workshop go here.

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