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Circles of Humanness for Couples

A central theme of the Couples program is Circles of Humanness. There are many layers to a human being. The layers could be described as “Circles of Humanness.”

Each inner circle supersedes the importance of the outside circle. Initially, we notice our partner’s appearance. Very quickly we become aware of their behaviors. Over time we encounter their physical, emotional and mental styles. Living with each other, we experience both of our values and eventually witness the person’s core.

Do you remember the Circle that you first were drawn to? What was the second Circle? What are the Circles you appreciate now? Want to have some fun? Have you and your partner fill out the following chart separately and then share.

Download the Worksheet: MGA_Circles-of-Humanness-Worksheet-for-Couples

Want more – attend “To Love, to Honor, and to Negotiate” our workshop for couples.

The Couples Workshop is hosted by Michael & Gail Grinder (pictured)

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