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ENVoY – Impact on Management

by Denise Cooney.


The primary focus of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the use of ENVoY techniques upon the time on task of hard to manage students. The study of the effects of ENVoY began during the second year of training and implementation of ENVoY management techniques in the classroom of a sixth grade teacher. Data were collected over a period of seven months from observation data collected on a 6th grade case study student, observations from classroom video, evaluations from an ENVoY coach, analysis of disciplinary referrals, academic progress report grades, and a class survey.

The results indicate minimal increase of time on task, or academic achievement for the hard to manage student. However, this study suggests there was an increase in overall class productivity and academic achievement, and a significant decrease in disciplinary referrals overall.

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Research from Denise Cooney at Cedar Park Middle School, 2008.

You can contact her at: denise@cooneys.us

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