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Here’s One Nonverbal Cue That Calms the Other Person

What can we do as leaders during COVID-19? Although we can’t provide solutions, we can offer the people we influence one important thing — sanity.

In this video, Michael Grinder, the pioneer of nonverbal communication, expands the definition of “who is a leader.” Plus, he shares one easy nonverbal tip you can try that will help the people you influence feel calmer and more sane.

Watch the video or read the modified transcript below:

Modified Transcript

You know, when we think of the word leader, we think of people of high position.

I want to suggest a leader is anyone who influences other people.

Are you the head of your house? Are you one of the heads of your house? You’re a leader.

Are you the older brother or sister? Are you the aunt or uncle? You’re a leader.

Are you at work? Are you a manager? You’re a leader.

So set aside the idea of formal position. If you’re a leader, you’re a leader.

Now, it’s COVID. Michael Grinder here. What do we do as leaders in COVID?

You can’t offer solutions. There are no solutions.

But you can offer one thing, and we all need it, and that is sanity.

So when you talk to people, when you give them guidance, when you indicate what we’re about to do, breathe low.

Put your non-dominant hand on your abdomen. When you get ready to say something, make sure that you’re breathing low. Feel your hand go in and out. Now say whatever you’re gonna say.

People want sanity.

They would love to have a solution, but we can’t give that, so give them sanity.

Be a leader. Michael Grinder here. Help others.

From the series Coping with COVID: How to use nonverbal to manage stress, worry less, and make working-from-home easier.

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