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How to Handle the “Winter of COVID”

Read the transcript for How to Handle the “Winter of COVID“:

Michael Grinder here in front of the fireplace. Winter’s coming — unusual winter, COVID.

I try to think historically, where have we heard that term winter before in such a negative way?

Shakespeare did it in Richard III — “the winter of our discontent.” And Steinbeck wrote his novel in 1961. The term has been used historically in the United States for the Korean war in 1950, 52 — and in 1978, 1979 for the era of the strikes that were going on in America.

You’ve got to warm yourself, not just physically but emotionally. Please stay close to the people you’re close with.

Give them love, give them attention.

And at the same time be smart enough to ask when you need love and attention too.

From the series Coping with COVID: How to use nonverbal to manage stress, worry less, and make working-from-home easier.

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