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A Christmas Story from Michael Grinder


You know, we all have tradition — and one of mine is to make sure that I take time at least once a year to slow down, be grateful — but reflect.

We’re going to give you a story that you can use both for the outgoing year and the incoming year. We want to share that with you. So enjoy as we go along.

What’s the story? Well, we’re gonna show you a book and this is the cover of the book that we’re gonna use. It has different characters in it. You’re gonna meet them as we go along.

“And what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Look at the length of the reflection on that. Just sitting, reflecting.

“Kind.” said the boy. That’s an awfully worthy career. Kind.

“Well, what do you think success is?” asked the boy. The mole said, “To love.”

Do you have a favorite saying?” asked the boy. “Oh, yes,” said the mole. “Well, what is it?” “If at first you don’t succeed, have some cake.” “I see does that work?” “Every time.”

Great dialogue here. “I have gotten you a delicious cake,” said the mole. “You did?” “Yes.” “Well, where is it?” “I ate it,” said the mole. “Oh.” “But I got you another one!” “Did you? Where is that one?” “The same thing seems to have happened to it.”

“What do you think the biggest waste of time is?”

I love this answer. “Comparing yourself to others,” said the mole.

Look at this picture. Take time to reflect. “Most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams.”

Which caused them to ask, “I wonder if there’s a school of unlearning.”

Or learn it right the first time.

And we close with this great dialogue. Again, all the characters are there. And one says, “I realize why we are here,” whispered the boy. “For cake?” said the mole. “No,” the boy answered. “To love.” And the horse added, “And to be loved.”

So we are saying goodbye to one year and bringing in a new one. In this coming year, please watch for these invisible, sometimes symbolic character — the horse, the fox, especially the mole — and just know that inside of each one of us, we have a little boy or a little girl that need to get the wisdom that these characters offer us.

Out one year and in a new year. Michael Grinder here wishing you the very, very best. Take care and listen.

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