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Inclusion NOT Awareness – World Autism Inclusion Day

Words from Randa Habelrih–speaker, author, and advocate for people dealing with autism:

“I’m the mother of a child with autism … words as you very well know are powerful, they inspire action; awareness is about talk, inclusion is about actively doing something. Our children need to be included not just talked about. Let’s change the wording; it’s time for World Autism Inclusion Day.”

Randa Habelrih’s Model MATES

Model MATES is a fashion event which was held over 4 days during Valentine’s Day weekend. It was a first in Australian fashion: professional models walked alongside models living with disabilities showcasing the season’s latest trends.

High fashion and modeling usually present a glamorous, unattainable ideal of perfection… Model MATES presents an alternative vision; where models who face challenges daily, take long, proud strides on the catwalk to show the community that there is room for their inclusion, even in the most elite of industries.

What was astounding is that on the very first night, the premise of MATES was validated. Our children with disabilities usually walk with their heads down, eyes lowered, avoiding eye contact. At the conclusion, our kids were walking tall, ‘schmoozing’ with the VIPS and smiling proudly and confidently. They begged me to run another event soon! All this because they were celebrated and given the opportunity to shine!

Michael Grinder’s Nonverbal Communication and Autism

Students under the autism spectrum are increasing in the US. Teachers that are educated on non-verbal techniques have a safer and more productive learning environment. This is a short interview with a mom and expert on autism.

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