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The Effectiveness of Nonverbal Skills on Students

Can we motivate students through non-verbal communication?

Master of Arts thesis extract by Dirk Lagerwaard (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)

In this extract, Dirk details the results that were found when Michael’s non-verbal skills were applied by teachers in secondary schools. The student’s level of engagement and motivation were evaluated against the non-verbal language used by the teachers.

Eight skills were observed: Pause, Frozen Hand Gesture, High Expectations, Breathe Through the Nose, To Join or Not to Join, Voice Patterns and Breathing, Recovery, Congruency. Click the link below to take a look.

Dirk – Grinder publication

The use of non-verbals with disruptive students

Master of Arts thesis extract by Helena Collado (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)

Helena Collado gives a detailed analysis of the incorporation, implementation, and calibration of Michael’s non-verbal model in secondary schools. This extract covers five non-verbal strategies and their impact on classes within three sessions.

The techniques used were: basic technique, frozen arm, use of incomplete sentences, use of visual instructions, and the use of numbers and statistics for the refinements during the lesson. Click the link below to take a look.

Helena – Grinder publication

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