VIDEO: Michael Grinder & Associates Promo

In this Michael Grinder & Associates video we ask, “Can you imagine… Understanding human interaction on a far deeper level. To be proactive, instead of reactive. Well now you can!” Watch this video to be inspired by what Michael can do.

Michael Grinder’s cutting edge trainings in Non Verbal Communication:

Group Wizardry with Michael Grinder

Group Wizardry

Imagine what you could learn in five days about Presentation Skills, Group Dynamics, and Charismatic Leadership from the world’s foremost expert in the area of non-verbal communication? [more]

Perception Camp with Michael Grinder

Perception Camp

If you can see half of what you look at – You are good.  If you know which half – You are genius.
Imagine seeing and understanding people with the same skills that Michael uses every day to teach leaders around the world. [more]

See Me with Michael Grinder
See Me with Michael Grinder

See Me

Many of us have witnessed Michael profiling an individual’s values & beliefs. In this concentrated weekend program he shares how his mind perceives… so you can learn and apply these skills. [more]

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