VIDEO: ENVoY Classroom Management Research – Michael Grinder & Associates

VIDEO: ENVoY Classroom Management Research

Anoka-Hennepin is the largest school district in Minnesota, this is a report on the dramatic effects of ENVoY. The referrals to the office decrease, the test scores increase, and the well-being of the student, staff, and community is raised. Jacki Brickman is the mentor coach and trainer.

What is the ENVoY Classroom Management program?

Power to Influence ENVoY is a vehicle to shift educators from seeing themselves as bastions of Power to instruments of Influence. Professional strength: This program, when used by cadres of instructors within a school, brings out the professional strengths of all the members involved. Wealth in our classrooms! We need to elevate ourselves from within. . . we need systems which enable us to profit from the wealth of abilities that lie in insular classrooms. Sharing our collective wisdom: It is only through sharing and supporting processes that the collective wisdom of the staff emerges.

What is the ENVoY book?

This is Michael’s best-selling book for teachers about classroom management techniques. Widely used in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America. This book is a collection of thirty-one techniques that every teacher uses sometimes. By becoming aware of them, the teacher can use the techniques on the days when he or she most needs them. The “Seven Gems of Classroom Management: Chapter One” is a summary of the seven best techniques of all 31. With “Peer Coaching forms”, the 31 skills are presented in forms that the individual teacher can fill out on him or herself. And these same forms are re-written as peer observation competency sheets. This allows for peer coaching – the single fastest way to increase professional growth. Chapters 2-5 have two dozen additional techniques. The book also includes 24 other essential skills, many of them refinements of the Seven Gems. The techniques are mostly non-verbal, and, in spite of their importance, are rarely taught in teacher preparation programs.

Author: Michael Grinder

ENVoY Pages: 278 pages

What people are saying about the ENVoY Program

Dr. Robert Garmston, Co-director of Institute for Intelligent Behavior
“The heart of Michael Grinder’s book is chock-full of practical and eloquent non-verbal classroom management techniques. A tantalizing treasure trove. I believe with this book to guide my study, I could acquire his discriminating eye for detail and refine my sense of timing.”

Robert Dilts, NLP University
“Michael offers an effective collection of tactics for the teacher. ENVoY is a welcome breath of fresh air.”

Kaze Gadway, Program Director, Gadway Training Institute
“After 25 years of teaching in cross-cultural situations, including East Africa, I am amazed at how respectful, simple and effective Michael Grinder’s approach is.”

Diane McIntosh, Resident coach at Molalla School District
“Teachers love the opportunity to understand what they often do intuitive well…so now they can do it daily. The whole school’s enthusiasm has gone to a new plateau.” Marilyn Ewing, Teacher and coordinator of Conflict Management, Ithaca, NY “ENVoY is brim full of win-win techniques that work effectively in racially and culturally mixed schools.”

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