Interview: On Boys Podcast – Michael Grinder & Associates

Interview: On Boys Podcast

Michael Grinder talks with Jen and Janet from the On Boys Podcast about how to use nonverbal communication (like eye contact) to connect with your sons and reach tomorrow’s men.


In this episode, Jen, Janet, & Michael discuss:
  • Male vs. female perceptions of eye contact
  • How to make (& use) a Feelings Wheel
  • Accommodating different communication preferences
  • Three variables in any negotiation
  • Male & female differences in communication
  • How to enlist the village to help your boys communicate
  • Creating places for communication

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Links mentioned in this episode:

What Do Teenagers Want? Potted Plant Parents — NYT article referenced in this episode

Circles of Humanness –– one of Michael’s YouTube videos on how we perceive and interact with each other.

Mikey – The True Story of Michael Grinder — the poster child for ADD

Charisma: The Art of Relationships, by Michael Grinder

Circles and Chairs of Negotiation — Michael Grinder YouTube video on relationships and communication

The Nothing Box — YouTube video re the difference between male & female brains

How to Building Your Village — ON BOYS episode

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