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Mikey – The True Story of Michael Grinder

Do you have a hyperactive child?

Are you a teacher or a parent?

This is the true story of Mikey:

He wasn’t born in a log cabin, but he was raised in one.

His peg-leg grandpa lost his grip while jumping a train to get to work for Henry Ford — his leg was severed.

Can you spot which child is hyper in the video clip?

Endless energy. Endless mischief.

They dance to a different drummer. And they entice others to join.

Mikey graduated from high school with a fourth-grade reading level.

Fast forward:

Mikey is Michael Grinder, who went on to earn a Master’s Degree, become runner-up for Washington’s Teacher of the Year, and author of over 20 books.

How many Mikeys do you have in your classroom? In your family?

Watch this video in German.

How can you help your hyperactive child or student learn?

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