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John Steinberg Interviews Michael Grinder on Non-verbal Communication & Leadership

John Steinberg interviews Michael Grinder — a teacher, consultant, and world-class expert on the art of communication, teaching, and leadership.

In this interview, Michael shares about his early career as an educator and how that motivated him to examine what made the difference when he felt “on” or “off” as a teacher or the level of permission he had with his students. Michael also reflects on some of his most memorable training experiences in relation to gaining permission and researching where his audience is coming from. 

John and Michael have known each other for over 30 years. We hope you enjoy their discussion of the insights Michael has into classroom management and levels of permission.

“Michael Grinder is a world-class expert on the art and science of non-verbal communication and leadership. He has taught me about the micro-details of communication and helped me more closely examine what good teachers do well. The secret sauce is body language.”

John Steinberg

Show highlights:

Communication works when your values are in sync with your non-verbal skills.

Self-analysis: Look at yourself first.

The 4 levels of communication:

  1. Content
  2. Delivery
  3. Perception
  4. Permission

You need all 4 to make an impact. 

What is success?

Ask yourself – how did I do based on the level of permission I had?

See and study how your tiny behaviors affect how others react and behave.

How do you know if you have permission?

  • Audience breathing low = high permission
  • Audience breathing high = low permission
  • Still vs. Stiff

What are the different kinds of permission?

  • Permission in terms of power or authority
  • Intellectual permission or Growth mindset

The 3 Levels of Perception

  1. Meta – Philosophies
  2. Macro – Strategies
  3. Micro – Applications

Data without interpretation is useless. Interpretation without evidence is dangerous. Don’t self-validate what you already believe before you’ve started.

Data without interpretation is useless. Interpretation without evidence is dangerous.

Michael Grinder

About John Steinberg

John Steinberg, Ph.D., authored 55 books about learning, values, education, leadership, and communication. He received a Ph.D. in educational psychology at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is originally from the USA. He thinks he’s on to something with this empowerment model and now wants to share his philosophy, method, and process.

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Learn more about John Steinberg.
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