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  • The Elusive Obvious Digital Video


    Michael’s digital video introducing Pentimento, the 21 major concepts of non-verbal communication and “How Not To Get Shot”

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  • ebook – A Healthy Classroom


    A Healthy Classroom tackles group dynamics with insight and practical axioms. Note: in addition to the book, you will receive screen savers, rubrics (to identify progress), and Post-Its monthly reminders.

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  • 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills


    “I recently took Mastering Presentation Skills and was so glad I did.  Michael delivered incredibly valuable and practical information with demonstrations that bring it all together… I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their public speaking skills to the next level.”  – Fiona Brown, YOUtopia WELLbeing.

    Here, for the first time, is Michael’s most complete step-by-step presentation skills training detailing proven techniques you can use to connect more easily with your audience. The 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills breaks down simple ways you can use your voice, breathing, eye contact, and gestures to get your message across – quickly and confidently. 

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  • Miss Communication – Digital Video


    Have you ever heard someone call a female supervisor “cold,” just because she reacted like a man? This 23-minute digital video pulls the curtain back, highlighting how gender differences in nonverbal communication significantly affect workplace decisions and outcomes.

    Video available for streaming immediately after purchase.

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  • A Cat in the Doghouse & A Healthy Classroom Bundle


    A Cat in the Doghouse is establishing relationships with the hard-to-reach students. A Healthy Classroom tackles group dynamics with insight and practical axioms.

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  • The Elusive Obvious Flash Cards


    The twenty-one Pentimento patterns and eight How Not To Get Shot! components have been produced in a deck of full-color, plastic-coated cards (the size of a standard deck of playing cards).

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  • A Healthy Classroom Book


    A Healthy Classroom tackles group dynamics with insight and practical axioms.

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  • ebook – Perception Camp Manual


    The art of communication is perception and permission. This manual explores those concepts in more depth.

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  • ebook – Surviving Your Teen’s Adolescence


    Surviving Your Teen’s Adolescence – how do you do it? This book helps you steady yourself so you can guide your teen safely through their own turbulence.

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  • Commanding the Stage with the BARGOSA Method Digital Video


    What separates the great speaker from the dynamic, mesmerizing speaker? It’s how they command the stage…when you command the “stage”, you command the room.

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  • A Cat in the Doghouse – Digital Video


    Designed specifically for educators Charisma: “The Cat In A Doghouse” is approximately 4-hours of a training Michael did in Salem, Oregon. This set is available as audio only CDs, DVDs, and a bundle of both sets.

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  • Charisma Audio Download


    The companion to the book Charisma— The Art of Relationships. Spend 1-1/2 hours with Michael as he entertainingly applies his cat and dog analogy to a wide array of applications. Rich in practical, immediately useful skills.


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