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3 Fun Ways to Earn Continuing Education Credits through MGA

Did you know that you can earn continuing education credits through MGA and the University of Massachusetts Global?

The Michael Grinder Academy offers three low-cost, on-demand classes for leaders, presenters, and educators. Every course focuses on actionable nonverbal skills that help you connect faster, feel more confident, and have a lasting impact.

Plus, learning from Michael is always fun – he’s a passionate and enjoyable presenter.

Are you ready to check out your continuing education options? Here are the courses you can take:

7 Steps Presentation Skills Cover

7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills

Connect with your audience faster and boost your charisma.

  • Great for presenters, group leaders, thought leaders, and educators
  • Available for 1-2 CE credits

Did you know that 80% of your communication is based on your body language?

The 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills is Michael’s most complete step-by-step presentation skills training. You’ll learn simple ways to use your voice, breathing, eye contact, and gestures to get your message across – quickly and confidently.

Learn more about the 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills.

Cost: $249

Metabolism Product Image


Help your students achieve relaxed awareness through the power of nonverbal communication.

  • Great for educators and administrators
  • Available for 1-2 CE credits

Improve your classroom environment and help your students feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Metabolism, Michael’s newest 20-lesson online training for teachers, shows step-by-step ways you can help your students achieve relaxed awareness through your voice patterns and body language. The course is like a “magic wand” for educators who want their students to:

  • Stay on task longer
  • Make better decisions
  • Learn faster
  • Become slightly more visually-oriented

Learn more about Metabolism.

Cost: $169

Learning Styles for Educators

Discover how to connect with your auditory and kinesthetic learners and help them learn more easily.

  • Great for educators and administrators
  • Available for 1-2 CE credits

Do you have challenges teaching your non-visual students? That’s because school is like a “private club” for visually-oriented learners – and your kinesthetic and auditory students don’t have the same access.

Learning Styles for Educators teaches you how to expand the “private club” membership so all learning styles can enjoy academic success. This 7-part series teaches you how you can help your students learn more easily – simply by altering your teaching style.

Learn more about Learning Styles for Educators.

Cost: $169

Do you have a question about these on-demand classes? Please contact us.

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