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Here’s why to attend Group Wizardry

Imagine comfortably managing group dynamics, transforming your presentation skills, and becoming a confident, charismatic leader.

The Group Wizardry workshop provides a unique, hands-on learning opportunity for:

  • Educators (receive 3-semester graduate credits!)
  • Public speakers
  • Leaders

Check out the early bird rates and learn more about the workshop starting June 20th here.

Modified Transcript:

My name’s Michael Grinder. I hate to tell you this — they’re coming.

What do we mean by them and coming? We’ve been using a computer and video to communicate. You could be the recipient, or you could be the sender, but this is how you were communicating — with only part of you in view. It’s not gonna be like that.

What’s the difference? It’s huge.

If I may — you got away with wearing a variety of things. If you’re the recipient you could wear something casual. If you were the host, a lot of times you could get away with business casual. We’re going back to in-person. We’re back to a little more formal.

June 20-24th in Portland, Oregon — we’re going to teach you presentation skills.

Now it could be a formal presentation skill, such as you’re in charge, or it could be that you’re just a member.

How you stand, how you appear, how you sit are going to make all the difference in the world — and are very different from how we’ve been communicating.

Want to know the difference? Come see us in Portland, Oregon.

What are you going to walk away with?

Here’s a picture, pre-COVID, in a Scandinavian country. The person who’s waving, the female, that’s the Prime Minister. Look at all the people, how they stand. How they appear.

Now if you notice, the majority of people have their hands at their side except for one person over here. One person. Secretary of Education.

How you stand makes a huge difference.

Here’s a picture of some of the best rugby players in Australia. Look how they’re standing — fig leaf arms.

How you stand, how you sit. Whether you’re a participant or you’re the presenter, makes all the difference in the world.

So if I may, the difference between when you were doing Zoom versus in-person, is everything is enlarged. Group dynamics are enlarged.

Your face, your voice, hand gestures. You didn’t have to do any hand gestures when you were on Zoom. Now you have to figure out, is my palm up? Is it sideways? Is it down? And that makes a huge difference.

You’re the presenter, whether it be a PowerPoint or a flip chart whiteboard. How you communicate is more important than it used to be on Zoom. Why? On Zoom, you flood the whole screen with content. Now, you’re part of the process as you deliver the content.

Example — Watch the difference. If I point to this, but I keep my eyes on you, you won’t look where my hand is. My hand becomes useless. But if my eye and hand go together, ah, people follow me.

I have to understand that I am my product when I’m in person.

When we get together for five days, you’ll get lots and lots of practice.

You’re going to understand the difference between when you work in-house and when you work in public.

In-house, people know you. In public, they have no idea who you are. You’ve got to make sure that you create the receptivity that you need from them. There’s an interplay between the content, the process, and whether you have permission or receptivity from them.

How do you increase their receptivity? It’s no longer based on content. It’s based on you.

That’s why we have three focuses for our June 20-24th program.

  • Charismatic leadership
  • Presentation skills
  • Group dynamics

They interplay like crazy. Each year we choose one that we want to especially emphasize. This year it’s got to be presentation skills.

Why? They’re coming. They’re gonna be in person.

How do you deliver content that is volatile? How do you handle people that disagree with you? How do you handle difficult personalities?

In-person, you can’t hide. And the other thing that I think is so important, is there’s no post-production. Live is live. You do all your preparation, make sure you’re ready, get in there and deliver your content.

Now if I may, is this just for presenters? No, this works for committee members, too. Watch.

You’re on a committee. They’re talking about whether we should do something in maybe August or in October. You favor October.

How do you communicate that? Do you just say, “I really think we should do it in October?”

Compare that with going like this: “I think we should do it” – pause – “in October” – pause. And bring your hand back straight. That is so important.

Why? If I say, “I think we should” and then pause, anything I say after that increases in significance. “October”, then keep your hand still. Sink it into their unconscious mind. What a difference it makes.

Michael Grinder. Group Wizardry, Portland, Oregon. June 20-24th.

They’re coming.

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