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Transform Your Teaching: 10 Motivational Quotes from Michael Grinder

Are you a teacher who needs a little pick-me-up? Michael Grinder has been motivating educators and sharing his nonverbal classroom management strategies for over 40 years. Here’s a sample of ten of his best quotes for teachers.

“The number one task of the teacher is to provide safety. Which student can you use as a barometer to know the class is safe?”

“A healthy classroom is one where every student, as a person, is accepted and, at the same time, the student is behaviorally held accountable.”

“Only with a formed group can a teacher fully operate and manage with influence instead of power.”

“Attention-getting behavior minus permission over time results in the class ignoring.”

“Fairness has two ingredients: being consistent and letting pupils know the consequence is about to happen.”

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“A class without commonality often tempts the teacher to attempt individual rapport with each and every student – an improbable task. Who are the 4-6 students you need to have a working relationship with for the class to function?”

“The teacher can’t get past resistance until they acknowledge that it exists. When acknowledging student resistance, are you doing it away from where you teach? That way, you don’t contaminate the teaching location.”

“Success doesn’t satisfy the ambitious teacher – progress and improvement do.”

“It is essential that the teacher’s perception affords them the ability to predict what is likely to occur before it does. How do you build in time weekly to reflect so you can better predict?”

“We need to replace the criterion of, ‘success is when the teacher gets results’ — which is based on power management — with a criterion based on influence: ‘How did I do based on the level of influence I was able to obtain?'”

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