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Unleash Your Inner Leader with Michael Grinder’s 12 Most Inspiring Quotes

For over 40 years, Michael Grinder has used nonverbal communication (otherwise known as body language) to help leaders and groups identify areas for growth and tap into their full potential. Here’s a small sample of his insightful “words of wisdom” from some of his best-selling leadership books — along with some bonus questions and commentary from Michael.

We want to reverse the trend of “over training and under implementing.”

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

So much time and money are wasted on training. What is your reaction to this statement? “Be ambitious enough to be patient. Practice one skill a week.”

Sometimes the difference between power and influence is timing.

The Elusive Obvious

Are you starting to notice timing in your daily routines?

Operating from power is short-term and result-oriented…influence is long-term and relationship-oriented.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

Are you more power-oriented or influence-oriented? Who do you respect that operates from the opposite style?

Oral information inadvertently creates dependency. Visual information empowers.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

When was the last time someone said something important but complex, and you wished they had written it down?

Meetings that allow only oral communication take longer because of looping.

The Elusive Obvious

The next time you attend a meeting, notice how discussions would be shorter if the participants’ input were visually represented.

The most reliable physiological evidence of permission is deep breathing.

The Elusive Obvious

How people look, sound, and move is based on their culture. Did you know that breathing is the only non-verbal category that is cross-culturally accurate?

Do you know a teacher who could use a little pick-me-up from Michael? Check out Michael Grinder’s inspirational quotes for teachers.

Permission’s view of success, “How did I do based on the level of permission I was able to obtain?”

The Elusive Obvious

This is one of my favorite statements – I had it on a Post-it at my desk for two years – do you have a Post-it handy?

We want to manage the individual’s behavior while preserving the dignity of the individual’s person.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

We want to develop the habit of not making eye contact when managing…whether at work or with children at home. This week try managing once with eye contact and once without. What did you discover?

We want to acknowledge the person’s motivation before attempting to modify the person’s behaviors.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

Many of us were raised with the adage, “We have two ears and one mouth – use them proportionately.” Do you agree?

A leader is someone who gets the group’s attention.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

The next time you are attending a meeting, notice when the group is especially quiet when someone speaks – that’s a leader. When you talk and pause with a frozen hand gesture – your leadership increases.

The pause is the single most powerful non-verbal signal.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

Pausing is mentioned more in our books than any other skill. Who do you know that pauses well? Mimic them.

The key to one’s professional growth is to review in the 3rd person and program in the 1st.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track

This statement and videotaping yourself are the fastest methods for increasing professional growth. Are you dedicated enough to do either or both?

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