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  • 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills Course


    “I recently took Mastering Presentation Skills and was so glad I did.  Michael delivered incredibly valuable and practical information with demonstrations that bring it all together… I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their public speaking skills to the next level.”  – Fiona Brown, YOUtopia WELLbeing.

    Here, for the first time, is Michael’s most complete step-by-step presentation skills training detailing proven techniques you can use to connect more easily with your audience. The 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills breaks down simple ways you can use your voice, breathing, eye contact, and gestures to get your message across – quickly and confidently. 

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  • Harder Days


    Did you know you could make your Harder school days easier simply by being more precise with your nonverbals and following proven classroom management strategies? You’ll learn:

    • How to have the freedom to manage less and teach more by noticing inappropriate behavior proactively.
    • Long-term nonverbal communication strategies you can implement on Easy and Average teaching days to make Harder Days easier.
    • How to successfully preserve student relationships – even on Harder days.
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  • Metabolism


    Learn practical nonverbal classroom management strategies that create an ideal learning environment for students across all grade levels. Implementing the nonverbal communication concepts in Metabolism is like a “magic wand” for educators who want their students to:

    • Stay on task longer
    • Learn faster
    • Make better decisions 
    • Become slightly more visually-oriented

    “Michael Grinder’s Metabolism courses give teachers specific tips in using deliberate tone and body language to set expectations, invite conversation, and calm and engage students. The tips are quick and applicable the very next moment you have students in front of you.” – Susan Spencer, 3rd grade

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  • MGA Certificate – 7 Steps of Mastering Presentation Skills


    This is your opportunity to submit a 30-minute video illustrating your behavioral proficiency in the ten competencies. 

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  • ENVoY Trainers Online Program


    Elevate your professional growth with MGA’s ETOP

    The ENVoY Trainers Online Program trains in-district educators, ensuring districts have a classroom management program based on relationships and trauma-informed designs. Learning the ENVoY strategies refines your knowledge, allowing you to mentor other teachers and share your knowledge.

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  • Learning Styles for Educators and Parents


    School is like a private club for visual-oriented students who can see content in their mind’s eye. However, auditory and kinesthetic learners don’t have the same “access” – and traditional methods of learning don’t work as well.

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