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In today’s virtual Zoom environment, group dynamics can fracture even faster. How can you use nonverbal communication to break through old culture “ghosts” and create functional, healthy groups – both virtually and in-person?

Exclusively for leadership, systems, and executive coaches, this eight-part series laser-focuses on the exact tactics you can use to read the room faster, lead groups more effectively, and jumpstart your charisma.

Learn How to Take Your Groups from Good to Great Right Now!
Once a week, for eight weeks, we’ll get together live* and build your nonverbal communication toolbox. Each session will have 50 minutes of instruction, a five-minute break, and the rest of the time focuses on breakout and large group discussions.

Session 1-4: Group Dynamic Deep-Dive for Coaches
Discover the art of managing groups quickly, precisely, and powerfully. During this month-long focus, you’ll learn how to build trust with a group, recognize patterns, and stay calm under challenging situations.

Session 5-8: Nonverbal Communication Strategies for Coaches and Leaders
We all know “it’s not what you say, it is how you deliver it.” During this four-week focus, you’ll discover a blueprint for powerful nonverbal coaching strategies, plus, proven ways to effectively increase your leadership presence – as well as the leadership presence of the people you coach.


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